Kent Mangoes

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This open pollinated seedling of the cultivar Brooks originated in Miami, Florida, and was released in 1944. Kent is often mistaken for the quite similar looking cultivar Keitt but (just one difference) Kent matures earlier (March).

The large fruit is greenish-yellow with a red or crimson blush on the shoulder. The average length measures 12.4 cm with a width of 9.7 cm and an average weight of 545 g. The fruit-shape is regular ovate with a rounded base and often with two slight beaks.

The skin is thick and tough and small yellow lenticels are numerous; the flesh is juicy, melting, deep yellow, fibreless and of a rich flavor. The seed, embedded in a thick, woody stone (8.5% of fruit weight) is mono-embryonic. The tree is large and vigorous, with a dense upright canopy, and it produces good yields in the late mid-season.