Apple Mangoes

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This variety originated from the Kenya coastline, most probably around the Malindi area. It is a chance seedling and its parentage is unknown. The fruits are medium to large, nearly round in shape and have a rich yellow/orange to red colour when ripe.

Average length measures 9.7 cm by 11 cm in width, and the weight is 280-580 g (mean: 397 g). Normally, if not diseased, the skin is smooth and thin, and the juicy yellow flesh is of excellent flavour and of melting texture virtually free from fibre. This is not a polyembryonic cultivar and trees propagated by seed are very heterogeneous in fruit shape, colour and quality.

The trees are large/vigorous and of pyriform growth habit. Depending on location, harvesting seasons are from December to the beginning of March; the yields are medium.