The high season for one of the most beloved fruits has finally arrived. The mango season, which usually starts at the beginning of December and runs all the way to the beginning of March, has officially began.

Here at Mofarm, we are passionate about mangoes. Our long history with mango farmers from around the country has enabled us to continually pick the very best for our customers. This season is no different. We are already actively involved in the process of selecting, picking, processing and shipping out the highest quality of mangoes to our clients.

Apple mangoes are always a favorite among our clients. As such, we have ramped up production processes to increase the output of apple mangoes in response to the high demand. As a leading exporter of avocados and mangoes in the country, we are proud to be at the forefront of excellent customer service. We invite you to join us in celebrating the mango season as we kick the festive season.

From all of us here at Mofarm, we extend our best holiday wishes to all our customers. Happy holidays!


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